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Permanent Cosmetic Solutions takes the time to completely personalize all microblading treatments to meet the individual expectations of our clients. Let us help you color and contour your lips, eyes and brows, giving you an appearance you’ll love waking up to every day.


Your eyebrows frame your eyes and give expressiveness to your face. Through our microblading procedures, we’re able to restore color and fullness to your brows, which gives your face more expressiveness and personality. Choose from hair stroke or powder brows.

  • Hair Stroke Eyebrows (First Time Service) ($375):
    This process simulates the appearance of natural eyebrows, following your natural hair color and thickness, We carefully create each hair for a flattering option that allows you to tailor your brow shape to your preferences, while keeping things looking natural.
  • Powder Brows (First Time Service) ($325):
    If you prefer a fuller brow, opt for permanent powder brows in Tyler, TX. This method mimics conventional eyebrow makeup, such as the use of a brow pencil. It’s a long-lasting technique with great customization options. You’ll have the choice of shaping your brows exactly how you please.


Do your eyes lack the luster they once had? Tired of constantly applying makeup to make your eyes pop or just not seem so tired? Our eyeliner and eyeshadow solutions make achieving your ideal look easy, breathing new life and personality into your gaze.

  • Eyeliner Upper And Lower (First Time Service) ($325):
    Eyeliner enhances the beauty of your eyes, making them stand out more visually. Upper and lower permanent mascara in Tyler, TX leaves lashes looking fuller and thicker, for bold appeal.
  • Eyeliner Upper Or Lower Only (First Time Service) ($250):
    If you’re not sure if you want eyeliner on top and bottom, choose one or the other. We can always add to it later! It’s a great way to experiment with microblading.
  • Stacked Color ($85): Want a little pop of color? Add green, purple or blue above your existing eyeliner to naturally draw the attention to your eyes. It’s a great way to complement your natural eye color or your favorite makeup palate.
  • Eyeshadow ($125): Using softer colors like blue moon, brown sugar and mauve mist, we bring a flair of subtle color to your lids. The result is immediate and lasting, softening your features and adding allure to your everyday look.


If you’re someone who constantly wears lipstick or lip stain for a much-needed color accent, our lip treatments are a sublime investment. We offer full lip and liner services, to add plumpness, color and contour to your lips.
permanent lipstick

  • Full Lips (First Time Service) ($450):
    Using cosmetic lip color, we’ll restore the youthful appearance of your lips, giving them their full natural color or the tone of your choice.
  • Lip Liner Only (First Time Service) ($225):
    This is best if you have color in your lips already and just need your lips to be a bit shapelier and more contoured. It’s the perfect way to frame your lips for accent with lip stains or lipstick.

Color Refresh/Existing Clients

A color refresh is a service that covers all permanent cosmetics done by Permanent Cosmetic Solutions applied at least 12 months prior. We’re able to go back and microblade areas to rejuvenate them and correct anything that may have faded in time.

  • Hair Stroke Eyebrows ($200)
  • Powder Brows ($200)
  • Eyeliner ($200)
  • Full Lips ($300)
  • Lip Liner ($200)
  • Eyeshadow ($95)

Color Refresh/New Clients

If you’ve previously had a microblading service performed by someone other than Permanent Cosmetic Solutions, we’re able to work with existing color and contour. Our abilities include restoring faded microblading or correcting unwanted color or contour.

  • Hair Stroke Eyebrows ($250)
  • Eyeliner ($250)
  • Powder Brow ($250)
  • Lip Liner ($225)
  • Eyeshadow ($110)

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